Artists studio rental, Atlanta midtown 12 minutes away.

Small starter businesses that have grown too large to continue as a home based business lease space right alongside those that have been in business for years. The exchange of ideas from such diverse entities with similar focus strengthens our goal of creating a center where artists can establish a business plying their trade and make a living at it.

We review portfolios and websites of Artists to maintain the platform of the center.
Information about the prospective artists needs, including studio size and budget requirements, proposed use of studio, target move in date (if there is one) is taken, and we look at the portfolio or work of the artist. 

We discuss current availability of space, if any, and if nothing is coming up immediately, we can add your name and criteria to the announcement list and contact you as suitable space comes available. If you are looking for a small space and would consider sharing a larger space, let us know. We have a list of people to contact when space comes available and several have indicated certain conditions in which they would considered sharing. 

NOTE: We place artists into studios based on what works in the center, noise levels, duplicate businesses, and we assess how the artist can financially handle the space.
Leases are two years. We require first, last and a utility deposit.

Available Artists Studios Inquiries:
Please contact us at the email address below .  Include your name, proposed use of studio and business name with a website link, size/ sq footage of space you require, timeline if you have one, and must include contact number. 
We can add your name and criteria to the announcement list and contact you as suitable space comes available. 

NOTE: No live-in. Studios are for commercial purposes only, and not for residence.

General Information:
The price for a studio ranges from about $400 a month for a smaller basic space to $2400 a month for a larger fully equipped space. Utilities are the responsibility of the artist. Lease terms are for two years, and may include an option for a third. This is a working art center, open to business clients and not for residential use.

ARC has been home to professional artists for over 30 years.
31 Fine & Functional Artists studios are housed in the 43,000 sq ft center, with artisans working on national and international projects, showing in prominent galleries, providing support services to the film and theatre industry, and offering classes.
Current fine and functional artists include sculptors, wood turners, furniture designers, textile artists, jewelry artists, glass artists and painters. The center houses artists working in film and graphic arts, as model makers, set designers, production companies, aerialists and offering acting classes and workshops.

See web site at artists link for details.

Ongoing classes offered by artists in the center, fills the center with patrons on weeknights. Artists have "open studio" events, and Open Studio events offer an opportunity for public access to artists' studios in the center.

Lease Application

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